Application Security for SAP Solutions

Protect your SAP applications against content-based attacks with the security software designed specifically for SAP NetWeaver applications
SAP NetWeaver-based applications are at the heart of many business processes. With an increasingly global marketplace and mobile workforce, being able to access and send data quickly can give you a competitive edge and boost your efficiency.
However, this can be double-edged sword: Internet-enabled SAP applications are a major target for cyberattack.

You might think your existing security software protects your SAP system and data.

It doesn’t. Your company could be at major risk as a result.

Content-based threats

Why Is SAP Vulnerable?

When SAP applications are open to outside input, there is nothing stopping cyberattackers from hiding content-based threats in form data.

In fact, over 50% of the 3000+ security notes that SAP has published to date concern vulnerabilities that users can exploit when entering information.

SAP Security Software That Guards Your Applications

bowbrige Application Security for SAP Solutions is built on expertise in SAP and information technology. The result? Application security software that provides robust protection against cyberattack, while working seamlessly with SAP’s unique programming.

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bowbridge Application Security for SAP Solutions

Real-Time Protection

Blocks malicious content from reaching your applications in real time, and in-memory, for maximum performance and protection.

Blocks Multiple Types of Attacks

Detects and blocks user input aimed at mounting cross-site scripting attacks, SQL-injections, directory traversal attacks, open redirects, and more.

No Application Coding

SAP applications are heavily customized. Application Security for SAP Solutions plugs directly into the SAP ICM, requiring no changes to application code.

End-to-End Encryption

Guards the privacy of your company’s data and helps you meet regulatory compliance frameworks with robust end-to-end encryption.

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