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The more you know about SAP cybersecurity, the better protected your SAP system can be from cyberattack. Trust bowbridge for expert information about SAP cybersecurity.

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Every day, we help the world’s leading companies protect their systems from cyberthreat. Read our customer stories to learn how.

Major U.S. federal agency uses bowbridge to secure supply chain transactions.
Electrical connection technology manufacturer relies on bowbridge for virus-free document exchange.
bowbridge helps secure the City of Essen’s data and systems from cyberattacks.
Internationally leading flooring manufacturer secures CRM mobile with bowbridge.
Fujitsu partners with bowbridge to protect its customers’ SAP systems from cyberattack.

In-Depth Resources

When it comes to SAP cybersecurity, knowledge is your best weapon. These intensive resources explore detailed research and the latest developments, so you can stay informed and aware.

Guide: Protecting SAP Applications from Content-Based Attacks

Are you doing enough to prevent cyberattacks on your networks? We’ve created this guide to help protect your mission-critical SAP applications from cyberattacks.

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SAP Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

How prepared is your organization to withstand cyberattacks? Our helpful self-assessment will help you determine whether your SAP system is well-secured, or low-hanging fruit for attackers.

Take the Assessment

SAP Cybersecurity Checklist

Download our helpful SAP cybersecurity checklist, which will help you clearly assess your SAP system and your cybersecurity processes, putting you on the road to stronger SAP cybersecurity.


Guide: CISO Quick Guide to SAP FIORI Cybersecurity

Discover the unique vulnerabilities that SAP FIORI can face and the steps you can take to keep your SAP FIORI system secure.


Guide: Introduction to SAP FIORI Cybersecurity

Keep cyberattackers from using FIORI's vulnerabilities to penetrate your system with our introduction to SAP FIORI cybersecurity.

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Fact Sheet: Does Anti-Virus Protect SAP Systems?

Many companies rely on their OS-level anti-virus to protect their SAP system. Learn why protecting SAP isn't that straightforward.

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White Paper: Can SAP E-Recruiting Expose Your Company to Risk?

Explore our in-depth research on the startling vulnerabilities we found in most companies’ E-Recruiting applications, and learn whether your system is vulnerable.


Solution Brief: Virus Protection for SAP E-Recruiting

Discover how bowbridge’s Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions protects your E-Recruiting application from hidden malware and viruses.


Article: (CIO Review) 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers 2016

Read the CIO Review profile of bowbridge's comprehensive content security solution.


Article: (SAP Insider) Ensure the Security Of Documents Before They Enter Your SAP Systems

Learn how to incorporate third-party virus scanning into custom-developed applications that integrate with SAP NW-VSI.


Webinar: File-Based Threats to SAP FIORI Applications

Discover the current threats to SAP FIORI cybersecurity and learn how to keep file uploads from threatening FIORI applications.

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Webinar: How to Implement Virus Scanning and Content Security on SAP Application Server ABAP and NetWeaver Gateway

Learn how to implement, configure, and review your virus scanning and content security solutions for maximum protection.

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Webinar: The Threat of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks and How to Protect Your SAP System

Explore how XSS attacks work and how you can protect against them. Includes a technical demonstration.

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Webinar: Protecting Your SAP Applications From Content-Based Cyberthreats

Learn how cyberattackers use malicious inputs and attachments to compromise SAP applications and users.

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Webinar: The Enemy Within: SAP Security Threats Hidden in PDF Uploads

Understand and mitigate the risks of allowing PDF uploads into your SAP system.

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