Is Your SAP System Protected?

Internal controls aren’t enough. SAP vulnerabilities make it attractive to cyberattackers. Let bowbridge boost your SAP cybersecurity and keep your system safe.

Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

bowbridge Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

Other anti-virus programs can’t protect your SAP system. Get the solution that does.

Application Security for SAP Solutions

Application Security for SAP Solutions

Guard your SAP applications from threats hidden in content and form submissions.

Companies around the globe use SAP to monitor production, manage data, and improve processes. And with today’s global market and increasingly mobilized workforce, SAP has kept up with their customers’ needs by opening up applications to external parties/communication. Suppliers, partners, job applicants, and remote staff can all access and upload files to these applications, resulting in more efficient workflows.

However, this opens your system up to cybersecurity threats that could take down your entire enterprise.

How Is SAP Vulnerable?

Your monthly security notes from SAP tell the tale: SAP is not immune to security vulnerabilities.


How vulnerable are they? We recently performed a test on the common SAP E-Recruiting application.


Out of the 120 random sites we tested, 52% did not prevent us from uploading a test malware – and 89% did not prevent us from uploading PDF files with embedded JavaScript.

did not prevent us from uploading a test malware


did not prevent us from uploading PDF files with embedded JavaScript

Can SAP E-Recruiting Expose Your Company to Risk?
The problem is not limited to E-Recruiting. All SAP internet-facing applications are at risk.
Your day-to-day work might focus on SAP. Or it might focus on information security. But if SAP cybersecurity isn’t on your radar, you could be jeopardizing your entire company.

The average ERP cybersecurity breach causes $5 million USD in damages.

Doesn’t Our Anti-Virus Protect Us?

Operating system anti-virus software does an excellent job protecting your system files from malware attacks. However, when it comes to protecting your SAP system, it falls short.
Here's how:
1. When files are uploaded to SAP, the initial upload is encrypted bypassing the network-level anti-virus.
2. The file is stored in an SAP-proprietary data repository (database or content server) instead of to standard disk volumes, so the anti-virus program does not catch them in regular system scans.
3. Process protection on the server does not see the malware in action, as it only gets run on the client when the file is retrieved as part of a business process, and never gets executed on the protected server.
Doesn't our anti-virus protect us?

Fortunately, SAP is aware of its vulnerabilities and added a virus scan interface (NW-VSI) to every application server, so all file operations can be re-routed through a security solution attached to the NW-VSI.

Unfortunately, standard anti-virus programs do not connect to, or even understand, the NW-VSI.

Your anti-virus protects your file system, but it does not protect your SAP.

There’s a Solution

With the right SAP security software, you can secure your SAP applications without having to perform coding on any of them. Imagine a solid umbrella of protection designed specifically for SAP, protecting your mission-critical applications and data with virtually no extra effort on your part and no discernable effect on user experience.

You can keep your company safe from content-based SAP cyberattacks and protect your assets, just by putting the right solution in place.

SAP Expertise + Cybersecurity Expertise = bowbridge

We don’t create security solutions and then make them fit SAP. Our security solutions are built specifically for SAP, bridging the security gaps and working seamlessly with the NW-VSI interface.

Cybersecurity is in our DNA. And SAP is the world we live in.

bowbridge Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

Get the leading SAP-certified product to protect your SAP software against viruses, malware, active content, and other cyber threats. Our SAP cybersecurity solutions are designed specifically for the SAP NetWeaver Virus Scan Interface (NW-VSI) in every SAP application server. With full-spectrum security, integration with security monitoring, and leading-edge features, you can stop threats that typically slip past operating system anti-virus programs.

Explore Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

bowbridge Application Security for SAP Solutions

Discover the only product designed to protect SAP applications from content-based threats. Your business-critical data and SAP infrastructure are monitored and secured in real-time against cross-site scripting, SQL-injections, directory traversals and more. And with the entire scanning process taking place in memory, performance and functionality are always optimized, while still maintaining end-to-end encryption.

Explore Application Security for SAP Solutions