We Create Robust Cybersecurity Solutions — ONLY for SAP

The bigger the enterprise, the greater the challenge to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Even with the best management, confusion and miscommunication can occur. One team thinks the other team is handling something, and vice versa.
When it comes to cybersecurity, this can result in disaster.
Yet most businesses are set up this way. SAP teams focus on segregation of duties, roles and permissions, and transports, while IT teams focus on keeping the network and endpoints running safely and smoothly.
We saw the gap: SAP cybersecurity.
That’s why we created bowbridge.
bowbridge Customer Protection

Bridging the Gap

When we founded bowbridge back in 2005, we gave ourselves a daunting task: Create cybersecurity solutions strong enough to satisfy even the most eagle-eyed IT-Security team, but sleek and unobtrusive enough to not weigh down processes for SAP users.

Fortunately, our expertise in both SAP and IT-Security allowed us to drill down deep into every possibility, looking at potential solutions from every angle, until we emerged with the perfect combination of strong cybersecurity in a lightweight package.

Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

Today, we enjoy a long and successful partnership with SAP as part of the PartnerEdge program, and our Anti-Virus Solution has met SAP’s rigorous certification standards for four consecutive periods of three years each.

We also maintain close partnerships with leading security companies like McAfee, SOPHOS, Symantec, and Blue Coat, among others.

This network, combined with our expertise, lets us stay on high alert for emerging security threats – so we can prevent them from ever coming close to our clients’ SAP systems.

Speaking of our clients, every day they enjoy peace of mind knowing their cybersecurity gap is covered. They breeze through security audits and penetration testing. And they rest assured they are protected from cataclysmic cybersecurity breaches, because bowbridge is their trusted partner. We understand the impact to their businesses if their SAP cybersecurity fails, and we always have their backs with responsive and thorough support.

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Find out how to bridge your SAP cybersecurity gaps.