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bowbridge Anti-Virus

Anti-Virus is the leading SAP-certified virus scan adapter for SAP NetWeaver – ensuring the content security of your SAP platform and applications.

Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

bowbridge Application Security

Application Security protects against cross-site scripting, SQL injections, directory traversals and other threats hidden in user-input form data and other structured content.

Application Security for SAP Solutions

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Cyberattacks and CVs:

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Don’t succumb to cyberattacks on your SAP systems.

If you’re an enterprise-level organization, your SAP software powers the most essential components of your business. Yet you may be unaware if your system is exposed to cyberthreats – which could put your entire organization at risk.

Publishing SAP applications on the Internet exposes your system to content-based cyberthreats. Uploads of malware-infected files and submission of malicious structured content in application forms pose a significant threat to the availability and integrity of your applications and data. Over 50% of all SAP security notes published since 2007 concerned content-based threats.

A successful attack could be devastating for your company, including:

  • Potentially millions of dollars of losses from missed sales and decreased productivity caused by application downtime
  • Significant resources required to patch breaches
  • Long-lasting, hard-to-repair damage to your organization’s reputation
  • Possible legal action from aggrieved employees or external parties whose data has been compromised
Bowbridge Software offers state-of-the-art, SAP-certified security solutions that protect against every content-based threat, from viruses and malware introduced through file downloads to structured content from user input on Web-based forms.

We are the leading provider of SAP security software. We are SAP-certified. And we are the only vendor to focus exclusively on SAP security.

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A long-time Software Solutions Partner, bowbridge maintains a close relationship with SAP. We are actively engaged in evolving today’s SAP security interfaces and solutions.