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Cyberattackers don’t rest, and neither do you. You’re always watching for new threats and making sure your network is protected. But are SAP’s vulnerabilities inviting a cybersecurity breach?

As an IT leader in your organization, you stand on guard.
Your role is to manage the invisible line of defense: assessing IT infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities, managing incidents, developing information security policies, and monitoring compliance. Your work is the immune system in your company’s body — undetectable and often taken for granted, until it’s tested by a cyberattack. And yet, you also need solutions that won’t slow users down.
At the end of a good day at work? You’ve kept the network safe, users happy, and the company protected, and you have lead your team in managing and monitoring every aspect of your company’s cybersecurity.
But chances are, you haven’t addressed the cybersecurity vulnerabilities in SAP.

Is Your SAP System Secure?

Cyberattackers are relentless, and increasingly, they’re targeting SAP systems. Because SAP’s structure is so unique, it’s impossible to secure with traditional anti-malware programs. Cyberattackers know this, and they use this vulnerability to slip malware into applications like CRM, E-Recruiting, FIORI, and any other internet-enabled application.

The results can be devastating.

Unaddressed SAP vulnerabilities can be a major vector for XSS attacks, SQL injections, directory traversals, and other malware threats. These attacks can result in data loss, system sabotage, loss of reputation, and compliance and liability issues. In fact, the average ERP cybersecurity breach causes $5 million USD in damages.

Cyberattacks on SAP can inflict massive amounts of damage. The firm USIS was infiltrated, and extremely sensitive government personnel information was stolen. They lost a $2 billion contract as a result, leading to their bankruptcy.

Not on your watch. And not on ours.


Is your SAP system secure?

In our testing of 120 random SAP implementations, 60% of the systems allowed uploading of blocked file types simply by changing the file extension.

Security + Functionality = Success

Keeping your network safe from cyberthreats and security breaches? That’s your top priority.

Giving you a solution to close the cybersecurity gaps in SAP, that’s easy to implement, fully supported, and ensures a seamless user experience? That’s our top priority.

Imagine a cybersecurity solution that is certified for the latest SAP NW-VSI 2.0 and used by leading corporations worldwide. Now, picture a solution that requires no coding changes to SAP applications and offers in-memory integrated virus scanning engines by McAfee and SOPHOS. And finally, imagine monitoring that works seamlessly with the SAP Computing Center Management System and industry-standard Security Monitoring Solutions like McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator, providing automatic logging of security events, quarantine functionality, and meaningful data for forensic analysis.

For that, you need bowbridge.

bowbridge Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

Get the leading SAP-certified product to protect your SAP software against viruses, malware, active content, and other cyber threats. Our SAP cybersecurity solutions are designed specifically for the SAP NetWeaver Virus Scan Interface (NW-VSI) in every SAP application server. With full-spectrum security, integration with security monitoring, and leading-edge features, you can stop threats that typically slip past operating system anti-virus programs.

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bowbridge Application Security for SAP Solutions

Discover the only product designed to protect SAP applications from content-based threats. Your business-critical data and SAP infrastructure are monitored and secured in real-time against cross-site scripting, SQL-injections, directory traversals and more. And with the entire scanning process taking place in memory, performance and functionality are always optimized, while still maintaining end-to-end encryption.

Explore Application Security for SAP Solutions

Our reliable cybersecurity solutions seamlessly protect your SAP system from threats.

You’re on guard. And with bowbridge on your side, your armor just became much stronger.

Learn why traditional OS anti-virus systems fall short when it comes to protecting SAP.