Keep Your SAP System Safe

You ensure your organization runs smoothly with SAP applications that handle everything from HR to production, purchasing, and more. But are SAP’s vulnerabilities putting your company at risk?

As an SAP leader in your organization, solving problems is your specialty.
You help your company get the most out of its SAP software, you explore ways to improve functionality, and you ensure the entire SAP system remains stable, smooth, and seamless. Your work resonates across the entire organization.
At the end of a good day? You’ve improved operations processes and implemented and supported the SAP applications your company needs to operate efficiently.
There’s another problem on your list, however: SAP’s many vulnerabilities to cyberattack.

Is Your SAP System Secure?

Cyberattackers are relentless in their attacks on companies’ most valuable IT assets, meaning that SAP is squarely in their sights. Because SAP’s structure is so unique, it’s impossible to secure with traditional anti-malware programs. Cyberattackers know this and use this vulnerability to slip malware into internet-enabled applications like CRM, E-Recruiting, and FIORI-based applications.

The results can be devastating.

Unaddressed SAP vulnerabilities can expose your company to unacceptable risks: loss of data, breached systems, sabotaged functionality, and even a complete shutdown of operations. In fact, the average ERP cybersecurity breach causes $5 million USD in damages.

Cyberattacks on SAP can inflict massive amounts of damage. The firm USIS was infiltrated, and extremely sensitive government personnel information was stolen. They lost a $2 billion contract as a result, leading to their bankruptcy.

Not on your watch. And not on ours.


Is your SAP system secure?

In our testing of 120 random SAP implementations, 52% of the systems did not prevent us from uploading a test malware.

Security + Functionality = Success

Keeping your SAP system running smoothly and efficiently? That’s your top priority.

Keeping it free from cyberattack, and giving you a solution that’s easy to implement, fully supported, and never slows your applications down? That’s our top priority.

Imagine a cybersecurity solution that fits SAP like a glove, right at the source, covering all your applications. Now, picture a solution that’s so well-integrated and unobtrusive, the only way you’ll know it’s there is from your security reports. And imagine consistent and knowledgeable support, from installation to updates and beyond.

For that, you need bowbridge.

bowbridge Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

Get the leading SAP-certified product to protect your SAP software against viruses, malware, active content, and other cyber threats. Our SAP cybersecurity solutions are designed specifically for the SAP NetWeaver Virus Scan Interface (NW-VSI) in every SAP application server. With full-spectrum security, integration with security monitoring, and leading-edge features, you can stop threats that typically slip past operating system anti-virus programs.

Explore Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

bowbridge Application Security for SAP Solutions

Discover the only product designed to protect SAP applications from content-based threats. Your business-critical data and SAP infrastructure are monitored and secured in real-time against cross-site scripting, SQL-injections, directory traversals and more. And with the entire scanning process taking place in memory, performance and functionality are always optimized, while still maintaining end-to-end encryption.

Explore Application Security for SAP Solutions

Our reliable cybersecurity solutions seamlessly protect your SAP system from threats.

You’re a problem-solver. With bowbridge on your side, you’ll be one step ahead and able to solve problems before they even happen.

Learn how content-based threats can bypass traditional security measures.