Are your SAP systems low-hanging fruit for attackers?

With its powerful access to data and mission-critical processes, it’s no surprise that SAP is becoming an increasingly popular target for cyberattack.

The question is: How prepared is your organization to withstand these attacks?

Our helpful self-assessment will help you determine whether your SAP system is well-secured, or low-hanging fruit for attackers.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Take the SAP self assessment

Level 1: Check Your SAP Cybersecurity Mindset

What is your understanding of the unique threats to SAP and what general security measures are needed?

Rate the following statements.

1. Our SAP systems are “internal only”. Their exposure to outside attackers is low/zero.

2. If only the production system has critical data, it’s enough to secure only those production systems.

3. We have SAP security covered. We have a team/tool taking care of roles, profiles, SoD and GRC.