Welcome to the user guide for bowbridge Anti-Virus 4.x for SAP solutions.

To better align the documentation with customer tasks, we have divided it into the following sections:

Solution Overview

This section introduces you to the building blocks of the solution and explores the various product and deployment options.

Installation Guide

This section provides detailed, step-by-step guides on installing various components and configuring them at the operating system level, where needed.

Configuration Guide

This section explains how to configure Anti-Virus at the SAP application Server ABAP and Java level and the relevant configuration options in Anti-Virus that increase the granularity of scanning options.

Integration Guide

This section explains the options to integrate bowbridge Anti-Virus with your Cyber-Security or systems-monitoring infrastructure, such as

Self-Help and Support Guide

This section dives deeply into the concepts, the technology, and the implementation details of the solution, providing admins with tools and techniques to identify and troubleshoot issues in your environment.